Melvin Kenny

Melvin Kenny

Performance Coach

My goal has always been to prevent athletes or clients from going through the same setbacks as I went through; helping them reach their full potential. Through a shoulder injury in football, and not having the proper guidance to heal it well, I had to end my athletic career short.

My interest for performance training started from playing amateur football and watching videos of Athletes Performance, now called EXOS, which I thought was very fascinating watching NCAA players preparing for the Draft combine.

Even if I played football, I specialize in training Basketball players because of the interest I have in the sport; I want them to learn the fundamentals of training so they can perform the basics of basketball at a high level.

I have a passion for interviewing career driven individuals within the Strength and Condition field, gaining and sharing any insight that can help others as well.

Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1 & 2
EXOS Performance Specialist
Running Mechanics Lvl 1 Foundation & lvl 2

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