Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells

Functional Nutritionist


“Empowering and inspiring others is my why. Finding personalized and relevant tools to equip people wanting to reach a specific goal is what drives me to constantly improve my craft in nutrition consulting. Instilling confidence is possible when we build good habits. Let’s collectively strive everyday to be the best possible versions of ourselves.”

Sarah graduated as a Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Vermont. While completing both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Nutrition, Sarah competed as a Division 1 basketball player in the NCAA. She's been passionate about sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle since she was a child, having been involved in a variety of different sports teams and clubs, while experimenting with the best ways to fuel pre and post-training or game.

This past year, Sarah also played basketball professionally in Europe, which afforded her an even more unique and broadened perspective on health and movement. Sarah is your go-to for all things functional nutrition, goal-setting and motivation. 


Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences,  University of Vermont