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Whether it be for your SPORT of choice or for the GAME of LIFE, CoreXcellence will guide you to your goals and beyond!

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Welcome To CoreXcellence

CoreXcellence provides professional training, nutritional coaching, and a sports therapy clinic to optimize the performance of professional, amateur, and everyday athletes.

We combine strength, speed, and flexibility training with an 11-point assessment system to continually improve the way you move and maximize results.


On The Ice,
On the Court,
Or on the Field,
We Are All Athletes.
And in Our Backyard,
Our Kitchen,
Or the Boardroom,
We Are All Athletes!


What do they say?

"After having felt stuck for years with a shoulder injury, neck injury, and frequent migraines...Through the help of Training with Kayla and getting Treatments with Ora, I have regained full range of motion in my shoulder, improved my confidence, and, more importantly, was able to ski and rock-climb again."

Lisa L.


I'm in the best shape of my life post-pregnancy

"Just want to thank CoreXcellence for getting me back in shape after my second child. I am in the best shape of my life and owe it to you. It is mentally and physically challenging but the results are worth all the hard work. Thank you!"

Cara S.


Very friendly trainers, and a hard workout. The trainers were hands on and knew what they were doing and know how to push everyone to their max. Constant form corrections and encouragement. Awesome.

Konstantinos Z.


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We Are All Athletes!

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