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What is #IntensityDoneRight?

The foundation of our system is to continually assess movement to better position our clients to achieve the best performance gains, while at the same time limiting their exposure to injury.

Group Training (Starting at $55 per session)

Benefit from the camaraderie  of training partners with similar health and fitness goals, as your Performance Coach collectively progresses your groups to achieve what seems impossible.

Private Training (Starting at $90 per session)

Whether training for a special occasion or weight loss goal, preparing for or recovering from a pregnancy, or rehabbing an injury, you will achieve noticeable improvements through our most personalized program - One on One Training.

Team Training (Starting at $175 per session)

Our Athletic Development Program will not only improve overall athleticism of the athlete, but more importantly help them to see and feel the direct transfer to their sport. In continuously striving to build and maintain a strong culture, our focus is developing resilient and autonomous athletes!

Our System


The use of postural assessment tools to optimize movement. 

Dynamic Warm Up

Exercise flow to increase mobility while maintaining control through an improved range of motion.

Strength Speed

Sustaining speed through the movement of heavier weights.

Myofascial Release

Release of muscular adhesions to increase circulation and range of motion.

Movement Mechanics

Preparing the body for the subsequent workout.


Improving aerobic work capacity.


Shutting down overactive muscles that may limit optimal posture.

Speed Strength

Plyometrics/ Olympic lifting. Explosiveness through movement of lighter weights at a high tempo.


Resetting the body to it's optimal posture to facilitate recovery.


Activation of muscles to facilitate optimal posture.

Strength Complex

Development of foundational strength to improve resiliency.

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