Do What Other Hoopers Won’t Do! 

 November 30, 2021

By  Melvin Kenny

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Need more exposure from scouts?

Make sure you develop all the building blocks to play the game at an elite level.

Most basketball players will only train on the court to develop their skills, but if you want to be exceptional and separate yourself from others, you must also hit the gym.

Here are 8 exercises that will make you a dominant basketball player every scout will notice. 


The Squat is a lower body strength exercise that will make you generate more force to the ground which will improve:

  • Your vertical jump to dunk and take the rebound on top of your opponent 
  • Your acceleration to run up the court 
  • Your resilience against lower body injuries caused by landing or change of direction to remain game ready 

Also, it is essential to strengthen your squatting pattern because it is similar to a defensive stance where you have to play with your hips low and an upward torso in order to have a lockdown defense.

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Like the Squat, the Deadlift will improve your vertical jump & acceleration by strengthening your posterior chain (Glutes & Hamstrings). Most basketball players are stuck in a position where they are forced to load their thighs (Quadriceps), lower back and their calves which will make them struggle to hold optimal basketball positions (in offense & defense) and it could cause the common issue of knee pain. If you get knee pain, building strong Glutes & Hamstrings can help your relief against knee pain to play a full game.



Performing Forward Lunges will improve your change of direction to create separation between you and the defender for an open jump shot. This exercise is similar to a pullback dribble and a drag stop: you step in by planting your whole foot on the ground, however, you stay in an upward posture since you must stabilize the movement with some weights. It is an important exercise to implement in your athletic development program because most knee injuries occur when you are not able to decelerate efficiently. 

Forward Lunge e1637279352523


Rowing exercises develop your upper back strength which is important for ball handling, shooting, rebounding & to handle the physicality of the game. Performing single arm exercises will narrow the strength imbalance of your arms so you are able to shoot & pass efficiently with your non-dominant hand whenever you are forced to use it in a game.

Dumbbell Row e1637279554463


The Push Up will have a direct impact on your Chest pass which will give you an edge in setting up a fast pace offense. It is a great fundamental exercise that teaches how to move your body with Core & Shoulder Stability to withstand the physicality of the game. For this reason, we recommend performing Hands Elevated Push Up instead of Knee Push Up, if you have problems performing them with your hands on the ground. 

Push ups


The Pallof Press is a Core Stability exercise that strengthens your body to resist rotational forces. This will help you maintain possession of the ball whenever an opponent is trying to strip the ball away from you and it will prevent lower back injuries. To reap as much benefit as possible from this exercise, make sure you keep your hips even and that you push your arms straight forward. You have the option to use a cable machine or a super band depending on the equipment you have at home.

Pallof Press

Becoming an elite basketball player requires a training regimen that most basketball players are not ready to follow regularly. With the exercises mentioned above, scouts will notice your potential to greatness. Are you ready to reach your potential? Contact us if you are looking for guidance to develop your athleticism for basketball.  

Melvin Kenny

Following improper rehab guidance after what came to be a career ending injury, I am now committed to helping my clients develop sound foundational movement mechanics - building resilient athletes.

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