Don White

Don White

Director of Athletic Development

“In my mid 20s, I witnessed a lot of suffering from cancer. My mother, my wife, my sister-in-law – I was looking for answers. So I educated myself on preventative measures, nutritional considerations, and environmental factors. Eating well and training right are the cornerstones of my healthy living beliefs. And after 30+ years as a Performance Coach, CoreXcellence is how I give back to my clients, as well as the next generation of performance trainers.”

As a life-long athlete himself, Don also brings more than 30 years of experience in the fitness and performance fields, and has a broad range of clients including pregnant women, post-rehab patients, amateur and high school athletes, and professional athletes. Over the years, his never ending pursuit for knowledge, and his dedication to not only improving the performance of his clients, but their lives as well, has lead him to become one of the most sought after Performance Specialists in Canada.

Don’s extensive knowledge and experience in athletic development has allowed him to develop a unique training system that progressively challenges his clients. To maximize on effort while ensuring optimal postural alignment and injury prevention, methodologies learned from the Postural Restoration Institute, Functional Movement System, and Myofascial Techniques play an integral part in the CoreXcellence training system.

Modest by nature, Don prefers to speak about the influential people in his life that have broadened his knowledge and experience in the field of performance training. Learning to more effectively communicate with and inspire clients has always been important to him.

Mark Verstegen – EXOS – taught me that as you grow, creating both a training and nutrition system is imperative to the successful evolution of your team

Michael Boyle, MBSC – KISS Principle – break it down and keep it simple for the athlete or client to more easily buy in

Postural Restoration Institute – helped me fine-tune my assessment tools. “If you can’t see it, you can’t correct it!”

Paul Chek – learned invaluable nutrition principles from Chek Institute (Holistic Nutrition)

Tony Robbins – provided inspiration to always create a winning mindset

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