Ora Loeub

Ora Loeub

Clinic Director – Osteopath and Athletic Therapist
B.Sc., CAT(C), D.O.

“I’ve always felt deep satisfaction in helping others. I chose my career to help people feel better and live pain free, while also educating them on how to help themselves in a crisis situation.”

Ora graduated from Concordia University with a B.Sc. in Exercise Science having specialized in Athletic Therapy. She also studied at the Collège d’Etudes Ostéopathiques where she defended her thesis and won the Sutherland Award for clinical research for “The Affects of A General Osteopathic Treatment On Pregnant Women Suffering from Lumbosacral and/or Pelvic Girdle Pain.”

Ora brings remarkable experience to the team having worked as an Athletic Therapist and Osteopath with Cirque du Soleil for four years, and at the National Circus School for nine years. She is the coordinator and head therapist for the Questo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and has organized and managed the therapy program for two world cup events held in Montreal.

Ora has completed four Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) courses which she has integrated into her practice. Being a mother of three has also given Ora a unique perspective on treating people of all ages, and athletic ability.

Certified Athletic Therapist (Canadian Athletic Therapy Association)
B.Sc. in Exercise Science with specialization in Athletic Therapy
Certified Osteopath (College d’Études Ostéopathiques)
Sutherland Award – Thesis award received in 2014 for clinical research
PRI courses (Myokinematics, Pelvis Restoration, Respiration, Impingement and Instability)