Oz Ben-Eli

Oz Ben-Eli

Performance Coach

“I’m often asked why I choose to do what I do. It’s not a hard question to answer. My days are filled with positivity, and successes. Seeing a client achieve a strength gain, or a weight loss – it’s instant feedback that tells me I’m making a difference. And every day, I challenge myself to do more and better for my clients.”

Oz is recognized as one of Montreal’s experts in the field of strength and conditioning, and his workouts have been featured in publications including Fitness Quebec, and on TVA. 
Oz is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the hit television show, The Ultimate Fighter.

Oz takes infinite gratification in helping others become healthier and more fit. It’s the moment when a client adds that extra rep, jumps higher than the last time, or realizes that training has become their new priority, that he also feels an endorphin rush.

Over the years, Oz has successfully developed a loyal following of clients from all different walks of life. From UFC fighters, to post rehab patients, and everyone in between. His caring disposition coupled with his emphasis on hard work helps him take his clients to the next level, while keeping his clients coming back.