There’s No Such Thing As Toning 

 June 7, 2021

By  Kayla DiGaetano

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“I don’t want to be muscular, I just want to be toned” is a common line you tend to hear as a coach.

Did you know that you can’t TONE a muscle?

In order to accomplish a toned body, you need to lose overall body fat to see the muscle which then gives you that toned/leaner look. To achieve this physical appearance of a toned body, it requires training hard, eating enough and sleeping well.

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This is how the story usually goes

I see women spending hours doing cardio/training, eating low fat and sometimes low carb diets which in turn simply results in under eating for the amount of energy they are expending. Their norm is to feel a little hungry in order to lose those few pounds and perhaps yield a little bit of success. Many times, they are still not happy with the results in the mirror.

I’ve lost some weight, why can’t I see my muscle tone or lean curves?”


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How to lift more and avoid the bulk?

Most women are afraid to lift them big ol’ weights for the fear of “getting too big and bulky.” What they don’t realize is that you can’t get toned by under eating, restricting your diet and doing hours of cardio. Doing so will results in just feeling more tired, frustrated and eventually burnt out due to a sluggish metabolism. 

How does one build these muscles?

  • More protein
  • Better sleep
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Keeping it simple!

By fueling your body with the proper amount of nutrients, eating enough protein, stressing the body (in a good way) through structured training, and most importantly getting enough quality sleep – you are supplying your body with all the necessary tools to optimize regeneration and build lean muscle. So let’s focus on the simple things that do work!

What to do moving forward

Let’s not be afraid to pick up weights. Lean muscle is what gives us that universally appealing “fit, toned” look.

In fact, the more muscle you have the better your body will take shape. Strength training along with an adequate diet, will enable the body to fill in nicely in the areas you desire, even with a higher body fat. It’s those smooth, curvy muscles that give your body SHAPE! 

If you’re unsure where to start, reach out to the CoreXcellence Team! We’d be glad to help!

Thank you for reading, we’ll be diving more into this topic in future blogs to come!

Kayla DiGaetano

Educating clients on the importance of Metabolic Health, and instilling in them the drive and commitment needed throughout my athletic career, helps my clients achieve and surpass their fitness goals.

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